Our design teams approach each commission with the emphasis on creating functional, relevant, environmentally sustainable and attractive solutions. Spaces are living things in the social and horticultural sense. Their longevity is enhanced by being adaptable to changes; both predictable as well as unknown.

The long-term value of any landscape is underpinned by studies of environmental, ecological and social conditions. Having an in-depth understanding of these conditions guides us in developing design solutions which are appropriate to both the setting and the climate.

Harmony Art Engineering Consultants specializes in creating and transforming your outdoor space, making sure we work closely to meet your needs and to maximize your budget. We take pride in going the extra mile and ensuring each job is done professionally, within budget and on schedule. Innovative landscape design for U.A.E gardens, terraces, courtyards and rooftops. We design gardens in Sharjah and all UAE for private residences, hospitals, hotels, parks and offices. Let us bring a touch of nature to your urban outdoor and indoor space. At Harmony Art we offer the advantage of working with one team from the conception to the completion of your project. We will guild you through the design process, plan the installation of the project, and install every detail of the design. This allows our team of designers, craftsman, and professional the ability to work together bringing creativity, quality and precision to all phases of your project.

These design solutions include:

  • Site and Landscape design

  • Hardscape design

  • Water feature design

  • Landscape structure design

  • Plant selection

  • Material selection

  • Artwork and Sculpture selection

Together, we can build unique outdoor experiences!

Our Services 

Harmony Art have experience across each and every kind of projects. Our team is well versed in all aspects, across all phases of project delivery and are committed to delivering on time and on budget as well as setting new benchmarks in terms of innovation, design and quality.